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Real burgers. Alternate reality.CODENAME BURG3R

Join the out-of-this-world ranks of Codename Burg3r, the best alternate reality burger joint in all the Universes. Codename Burg3r transforms your dinner table into an immersive game experience delivered. Become a secret agent and unlock new puzzles, hidden objects and secret food all while you eat.

Welcome to the top secret Bureau for the Unexplained and Non-Normal. The new chief needs your help. Pick your first mission meal and start your journey to help us save the Universes.
Immersive puzzles, games and challenges - your top secret delivery includes the tools your unit of up to 6 needs for the 60-minute mission ahead. Later, log into your Agent Portal to head out on solo challenges released each week and Burger Up^.
Codename Burg3r, the (literal) underground burger joint has spent nearly 20 years secretly serving exclusive Next Level Burgers to B.UN. agents. The more you play, the more you unlock secret menu items from across space, time, and dimension.

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To recruit new agents, Codename Burg3r is delivering mission meals to above-grounders for the first time - if you qualify. Assemble your unit of up to 6 agents, order the food fuel you’ll need for the adventure ahead, and see if you have what it takes to make it as an agent in a Codename Burg3r reality.

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Codename Burg3r is currently by invite only. Enter your email below and the Chief will decide if you have what it takes to be a B.U.N. agent.

Unlock your B.U.N. Communicator

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Pass your Training Day and unlock your B.U.N. Communicator. It’s how you keep in touch with HQ and keep track of your achievements as you rise through the ranks and unlock exclusive food & experiences.

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Codename Burg3rFrequent Questions

How do I place an order?

Codename Burg3r is currently an invitation only experience. Enter your Recruit Access Code when prompted to begin your order. If you do not have an Recruit Access Code, you can request one above.

What comes in my delivery?

Eat, play & win delivered all-in-1 to your door. Each mission comes with your meal, as well as a top secret dossier envelope containing the immersive game you need to completely transform eating at home. Inside the envelope, you’ll find the evidence to solve the mystery, search for Easter eggs and hidden loot, and interact with the characters. Does your crew have what it takes to win top shelf prizes, awesome experiences & free food?

Where are you located?

We’re currently serving the Los Angeles and Philadelphia area. Want to see if you’re within our delivery radius? Input your zip code when prompted after clicking “order now” to find out. If you’re outside our delivery radius, that's no problem. You can alway pick up.

What do you mean by play?

Puzzles, immersive games and creative challenges - each mission meal is a whole new story and adventure while you eat.  Burger Up^ to unlock more.  Field Missions take about 60-minutes to crack as a team.  Boosts and Recons are designed for about 20-minutes of play.

How do I place an order?

You’re in the right place, my fanged friend. Simply click “order now” above and follow the instructions to select a mission, pick food for each player (or select a sample so your coven has choices when they arrive) and make your delivery or pick-up reservation.

How many people can play?

We have a mission for everybody. Field Mission meals are communal adventures designed for units of up to 6 to play together. Boosts and Recons, which are available in your Agent Portal as you Burger Up^, are designed for solo play.

Is this appropriate for all ages?

We have missions that are specifically designed for families with vampires aged 6 to 6000. Due to the difficulty of other games, some are better for covens with teens and older. They're all labeled as such.

Is Codename Burg3r appropriate for all ages?

The B.U.N. has mission meals for everybody.  Many would be rated PG due to the other-wordly nature of the stories (like monsters, witches, and aliens). We do our best to note those for PG-13 audiences in our Mission Key.  Field Mission meals are designed to include challenges for agents of all levels and abilities.

How many people can play?

Each mission can be played with up to six people, or as few as one. Feel free to divide the challenges and conquer, or take on the task solo. 

What do I need to play?

Codename Burg3r is a mobile first experience.  Your unit needs at least one  SMS-enabled device which becomes your B.U.N. Communicator.  Everything else is included in your delivery.

How do I get my meal and game experience?

Top secret hand-offs and drops - we are a delivery and pick-up experience.  Visit our locations page to search for the options currently available to you.  Not available yet in your area?  Submit your zip codeWe have new field offices coming soon.

What do I need to play?

Our missions are mobile first experiences full of video, audio and text interactions. To play, you’ll need at least one SMS-enabled device. All other puzzle pieces are included with your delivery.

Do you have vegan or gluten free options?

Many of our locations offer vegan and gluten free options. Check under “customize your meal” to see what's available in your area.

Do you have vegan and other options?

Yes! And we are constantly adding new options to accommodate the dietary restrictions of our fearless agents.  Check under “Customize Burger” for the options currently available at your field office.

More Questions?

Agent Services is here to help! For order support or other questions, chat directly with them below.  You can also send an email to

How long is the experience?

It tends to depend on the amount of people you decide to play with, but the typical runtime is around one hour. 

I can win prizes? Tell me more!

Bite missions are eat, play & win year round, and every group who completes a Halloween mission successfully receives a #GetTrickOrTreated prize opportunity from our shelf. These could be BiteCoins you can redeem towards more food, games and prizes, tickets to some of Halloween’s hottest events in your city, or even a surprise trick or treat delivery experience from a real life vampire!

What sort of prizes can I win exactly?

Top shelf prizes, ticket packages, BiteCoins to collect and redeem, and outrageous delivery experiences - check out some of our prizes on our virtual prize shelf. We're always adding more.

More questions?

Bite Player Services is here to help! For order support or other questions, chat directly with us by tapping the question mark icon.  You can also send an email to